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    Stay at best hotel pools in Myanmar for a great time and relaxing after a great touring day. Myanmar has beautiful tropical weather all year round. However, a caveat is that it can get pretty humid, especially from March to May. It may be tempting to spend your days dipping in the pool or getting […]

    Magnificent temples, breathtaking landscapes, and the Burmese people – these are some of the mesmerizing images that many tourists remember about Myanmar.  In Myanmar, you don’t have to look far to know that its people are its best treasure.  From teashops to markets to remote villages, you see happy and welcoming faces.  After all, smiling […]

      Of course, choosing the right hotel for your trip to Bagan is just as important. If it’s your first time heading to this charming city, the number of choices can be overwhelming. Good news for you, our team at MyanMarvels have stayed at various hotels in the ancient city and are equipped with all […]

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