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    Nestled in the hilly regions of eastern Myanmar, Kayah State hides behind its sluggish façade, a world of enthralling wonders, enigmas, and intrigues. With ten tribal minorities inhabiting the region including the long neck women , Kayah is the most ethnically diverse state in the country. The diversity weaves a rich tapestry of beliefs, languages, […]

    From the ancient pagodas in Bagan to the floating villages on Inle Lake, there are countless reasons why you should have your family vacations in Myanmar. The country’s off-the-beaten-track reputation makes it a daunting destination for families and the perfect start for your family vacation in Myanmar. But Myanmar is not all rustic, old-town charm.  […]

    From the mystical charm of the Irrawaddy to the touching beauty of the Mekong, river cruises Southeast Asia present a mosaic of striking landscapes, fascinating cultures, and intriguing history. What other tour enables you to explore 1000-year-old temples, discover forgotten tribal villages, or sail into the heart of unspoiled jungles? Your river journey is more […]

    It’s a lesser-known fact amongst travellers, but Myanmar is a family-friendly destination. After all, you can spend quality time with your loved ones by going pagoda-hunting, day tripping around Inle Lake, or exploring Yangon’s countryside and have then a relaxing time in one of our selection of best Myanmar family hotels and friendly for kids […]

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