Bagan Hot Air balloon season 2022/2023 will begin on  October 1st 2022 and will finish on 10th of April 2023.

Bagan hot air balloon rides last 45 minutes to an hour (wind depending)  and only sunrise.  There are no balloon rides in Bagan during the sunset due to the afternoon heat, wind direction and the sunset time which makes it difficult to land in the dark.


The bagan balloon ride is the most popular activity in Bagan, Myanmar. First image when you search google with the word Bagan is an image with the balloons over Bagan. And the balloon ride is becoming more and more popular among the tourists traveling to Myanmar and then heading for a few days tour to Bagan. It’s important to know when does the Bagan Hot Air Ballooning starts!

Despite of the higher price which is more expensive for other similar balloon ride around the world, the ballooning over bagan ride is almost fully booked weeks before the date. The number of the balloons permitted by the Ministry of Tourism is limited to 31 per day for all the balloons companies in Bagan.

Bagan Hot Air Balloon Season 2022

Why the hot air balloon bagan season in Bagan and Myanmar is so short? Only 6 month? Weather plays a major role in the decision of the balloons over bagan in Myanmar.

The Bagan Hot Air Ballooning in 2022 will start on 7th October 2022 with Balloons Over Bagan and on 7th of October and Oriental Ballooning (from 1st to 15th October only with 2 balloons operating) will end on 10th of April 2023.

bagan hot air balloon season

bagan hot air balloon season

Compared with last year myanmar hot air balloon season,  this year the bagan balloon will start 3 weeks later. Reason: weather and the ending of the monsoon season which end later in Myanmar. Based on the previous years data, there are many cancelation of the balloon over bagan and it does not worth the effort.

Bagan Hot air Balloon Season begins on October and it would end of 10th of April 2021. Why do early do you ask taking into consideration that the monsoon season starts in Myanmar in June. They can still do the balloon ride in Myanmar at least 2 more months – April and May.

Weather the again the answer. Starting from beginning of April, weather in Myanmar is getting hotter and hotter. Temperature will end in the afternoon around 37 degrees and the weather in Bagan which is located in a semi-arid climate is even hotter. In the morning the balloon are hitted by the hot sun and damages might occur and safety is number one priority of the balloons over Bagan pilots.

As we mentioned the pilots of the balloons over Bagan, there are mainly from US, Australia and New Zealand. The balloon season in UK starts in April and they do have to work round year in this vertical. So the hot air balloon bagan season has to end in April in order for them to catch with the UK Balloon ride season.

There are no balloon rides in Myanmar during the months of May, June, July, August and September. Sorry folks – if the balloons over Bagan is on your bucket list your have to plan your tour to Myanmar  accordingly to the Bagan Hot Air Balloon Season.

Hot air balloon Bagan Price – Normal Season vs Peak Season 

Normal Season – from 1st October 2022 to 15th December 2022  and 10th January to 10th April 2021.

Check here and book the Balloons Over Bagan ride.

Peak Season – from 15th of December 2022  to 10th of January 2023. A 20$ surge applies for the Balloons Over Bagan rides operated by this company.


Oriental Ballooning Bagan – Prices &  2022 Season

bagan hot air balloon

bagan hot air balloon

The balloon ride in Bagan with Oriental Ballooning which are focusing on Premium ( 12 person in the basket) will start on 1st of October 2022 and will end of 10th of April 2023. So plenty of seats & dates available if you book the balloon ride in Bagan in time! For the Oriental Ballooning prices check here the prices.

Balloons Over Bagan – Prices & 2022 Season 

Balloons Over Bagan

Balloons Over Bagan

The hot air balloon ride in Bagan with Balloons Over Bagan, the oldest company which operates in Bagan and with the largest fleet ( 14 balloons in Bagan are in the sky every day) will start later than last year due to the rainy season which got cancelled in many days of October. The first day of the balloon ride in Bagan with Balloons Over Bagan in the 2022-2023 season is 7th of October 2022 and the last day of the hot air balloon in Bagan will be on 10th of April 2023.  For the Balloons Over Bagan prices & booking click here.

Golden Eagle Ballooning  – Prices & 2023 Season 

Golden Eagle Bagan

Golden Eagle Bagan

Golden Eagle, the third company which operates the balloon ride in Bagan with only 3 but very colourful balloons (yellow) will begin the 2022 balloon season in Bagan on 10th of October 2022 and will end 10th of April 2023, the same date will all the others 3 companies in Bagan.

Check here for the updated prices for the Balloon ride in Bagan. 

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