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Balloons over Inle Lake

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      Balloon over Inle 2021 ( Price & Bookings )

      Oriental Ballooning


      Starting from $300

      • Flight type is Premium (Oriental Ballooning) (Sunrise) Tour
      • Tour Duration: 3 hours (from 1st October 2020 to 10th of March 2021: 5:00-8:30 and Flight time is 1 hour on the air (approx.)
      • Balloon capacity is maximum 6 persons
      • Complimentary hotel pickup and return service (Free pick up service from all hotels in Hpa-An)
      • Before takeoff coffee, tea and pastries.
      • Comprehensive Briefing by your pilot
      • In-flight photo Post-flight Champagne
      • At the end of the balloon tour, celebration and the certificate is issued
      • Insurance

      Balloons over Bagan


      Starting from $300

      • Flight type is Standard (Balloons over Bagan) (Sunrise) Tour
      • Tour Duration: 3 hours (from 7th October 2020 to 10th of April 2021: 5:00-8:30 and Flight time is 1 hour on the air (approx.)
      • Balloon capacity is 8 persons
      • Complimentary hotel pickup and return service (Free pick up service from all hotels in Hpa An)
      • Before takeoff coffee, tea and pastries.
      • Snacks & Refreshment
      • Comprehensive Briefing by your pilot
      • In-flight photo Post-flight Champagne
      • At the end of the balloon tour, celebration and the certificate is issued
      • Insurance: International Provider

       Balloons over Inle Ride

      When it comes to the best places to see in Myanmar, Inle Lake is definitely on top of the list. This expansive lake is surrounded by lush green mountains and where you’ll find local fishermen rowing their boats using only one leg. Inle Lake is truly an incredible place to visit. It also offers lots of experiences for all kinds of travelers to enjoy. If you want your visit to this place to be truly exciting, you should book an Inle balloon ride. Here’s everything you need to know about this.

      Why Book a Balloon Over Inle at Inle Lake?

      The best way to discover the scenic beauty of Inle Lake is from the air and onboard a hot air balloon. Here are more reasons why you should book a balloon ride on your visit to Inle Lake.


      • Witness interesting sights – during your balloon ride over Inle Lake, you’d be able to witness the dramatic views of the lake. Not only that, but you also get to witness a group of fishermen scooping up their catch of the day and rowing their boat using only one foot. This is much better than the other balloon rides in Myanmar where you’ll only witness landscape views.


      • A unique experience – taking the hot air balloon in Inle Lake is a unique experience. Your journey will start by taking a boat in the morning before taking off from the lake. There is also an opportunity to land in the water depending on the weather. This is what makes the experience even more exhilarating.


      • More intimate experience – unlike the other balloon rides where you will be joining a big group of participants, the balloon ride in Inle offers a more intimate experience. Most of the balloon ride operators will only cater to small groups of 4 to 8 persons. Thus, you would be able to enjoy a more intimate and private experience.


      Spend more time in the air – another great advantage of booking a balloon ride over Inle Lake is that you get to spend more time in the air. In Bagan, most of the balloon rides will only take less than 30 min. But in Inle Lake, your ride could take up to an hour and 30 min

      Balloon Ride Operators in Inle Lake

      Currently, there are only two balloon ride companies operating in Inle Lake. The balloon ride season starts on November 11 and will end on March 10. Here are the two companies that offer balloon rides in Inle.


      • Oriental Ballooning – Oriental Ballooning is one of the leading balloon ride operators in Myanmar. They have been in business for many years and all their pilots are professional and knowledgeable. In Inle Lake, they have two balloons that can accommodate up to a maximum of 4 – 6 passengers.


      • Balloons over Bagan – another popular balloon ride company in Myanmar is Balloons over Bagan. Although their operations are based mainly in Bagan, they also have operations in some other cities in Myanmar including Inle Lake. They also have two baskets and each can accommodate up to a maximum of 8 passengers.

      Other Things to do in Inle Lake

      Although taking a hot air balloon ride in Inle Lake will be the highlight of your trip, there are several other interesting things that you can do around the lake. Here are some of them.


      • Learn more about the Buddhist culture – visiting the Inle Lake will allow you to experience the Buddhist culture in Myanmar in a more unique way. Here, you can visit many religious sites, such as the Hpaung Daw U Pagoda and Shwe Indein Pagoda.


      • Explore the southern part of the lake – taking a boat trip to the extreme southern area of the Inle Lake will reward you with a unique and ancient attraction. Here, you’ll find the town of Sagar, a ruined city that used to be the capital of the Shan State and was the seat of the local king before it was moved to Nyaungshwe.


      Cycle along the wine region of Myanmar – if you want a bit of adventure during your visit of the Inle Lake, consider hiring a bike and cycle along the route that will take you to the country’s wine region where you’ll find the Red Mountain Winery. Here, you can sample different kinds of wine, such as the sweet Sauvignon Blanc and Shiraz-Tempranillo blend


      Inle Lake is a truly wonderful place to visit in Myanmar. If you want to learn more about the local culture and history, this is one place you should not miss. Regardless of the kind of traveler that you are, taking the balloon ride over Inle Lake is something that you should do during your visit. Seeing the gorgeous views of the lake from above will make your trip a truly memorable one.


      Prices vary a little bit depending on balloon operator in Inle Lake.Price is  between 280$ and $300 in Inle Lake with Oriental Ballooning and Balloons over Bagan operator.

      Passengers aged 8 or older can be flown, as long as they are at least 137cm tall (4ft6in). Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied on the flight by a responsible adult. Shoes height matters so have a higher shoe to be wared.

      You should wear comfortable outdoor clothing and light jacket. Mornings in Inle lake , it can be quite cold and foggy before sunrise, especially during January and February when temperature can be under 10°C  degrees.

      – Collection from and return to your hotel
      – A light breakfast of tea, coffee, croissant and pastries
      – Pre-flight safety briefing
      – Balloon flight in one of our British-built balloons
      – Post-flight fruit juice, fresh fruit and sparkling wine
      – Written flight certificate signed by your pilot
      – Inflight Photo Service

      On MyanMarvels Travel & Tours there are a number of payment methods which you can choose from. Payment by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express),  Bank Transfer (OCBC Singapore) PayPal, TransferWise or AliPay are available.

      About MyanMarvels Travel & Tours and Balloons Over Inle Lake Ride

      Using there skill and years of flight experience in Bagan the balloon pilots in Inle  are able to guide the balloon to a gentle landing  including on the water; where our friendly and experienced crew will be waiting for you with fruits, fresh pastries and a glass or two of sparkling wine to complete the post flight celebration. Most of the pilots are trained in UK & Australia and New Zealand and safety is number one priority for all the balloons companies in Inle Lake and Myanmar; not a single incident had occurred since the first flight in 2009 operated by the pioneer company of Balloons over Bagan.  Hot air balloon rides in Inle Lake are great for any event whether it’s on your “Bucket List” or to celebrate an anniversary, birthday, family fun, or vacation adventure.

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      Terms and Conditions

      1. Balloon over Inle Lake prices are valid ride from 15th of November 2020 to 15th of March 2021.

      2. Name changes only can be made up to 7 days before the balloon flight date without penalty.

      3. Valid only for balloon rides in Inle Lake, Myanmar operated by Balloon Over Bagan and Oriental Ballooning

      4. 20$ peak season charge applies for peak season (15th December 2020 to 10th January 2021) for the balloon ride in Inle Lake both with Oriental Ballooning and Balloons over Bagan.

      5. 3,5% credit card payment fee not included. Bank charges must be paid by the remittent

      6. Last minute price surge: for bookings made within 3 days ahead of the balloon ride in Bagan a 30$ surge per person shall apply.

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