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Balloons over Hpa-An

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      Balloons Over Hpa An 2021 (Price & Booking)

      Oriental Ballooning

      Premium Flight

      Starting from $250

      • Flight type is Premium (Oriental Ballooning) (Sunrise) Tour
      • Tour Duration: 3 hours (from 1st October 2020 to 10th of March 2021: 5:00-8:30 and Flight time is 1 hour on the air (approx.)
      • Balloon capacity is maximum 12 persons
      • Complimentary hotel pickup and return service (Free pick up service from all hotels in Hpa-An)
      • Before takeoff coffee, tea and pastries.
      • Comprehensive Briefing by your pilot
      • In-flight photo Post-flight Champagne
      • At the end of the balloon tour, celebration and the certificate is issued

      Balloons over Bagan


      Starting from $260

      • Flight type is Standard (Balloons over Bagan) (Sunrise) Tour
      • Tour Duration: 3 hours (from 7th October 2020 to 10th of April 2021: 5:00-8:30 and Flight time is 1 hour on the air (approx.)
      • Balloon capacity is 16 persons
      • Complimentary hotel pickup and return service (Free pick up service from all hotels in Hpa An)
      • Before takeoff coffee, tea and pastries.
      • Snacks & Refreshment
      • Comprehensive Briefing by your pilot
      • In-flight photo Post-flight Champagne
      • At the end of the balloon tour, celebration and the certificate is issued

      As you see, there are many activities that you can do during your visit to Hpa An. And the fact that it’s not yet as touristy as the other places in Myanmar makes it an even interesting place to visit. But if you want your trip to be even more enjoyable, you should not miss the chance to experience riding the hot air balloon. The best part about booking a hot air balloon over Hpa An is that the travel time is much longer than that of Bagan or anywhere else. You could spend up to an hour and 30 minutes in the basket, which means you’ll have a much longer time to enjoy the fantastic views from above!

      Balloons Over Hpa An

      If you’re looking to explore places in Myanmar that are not yet spoiled by tourism, Hpa An would be the perfect place to visit. Hpa An maybe a small city but it has a wealth of natural attractions that are waiting for you to explore. Here, you can walk through the rice fields, trek the mountains, or learn more about the local life. But if you want to make the most of your visit to this city, you should experience the Hpa-An balloon ride. It’s a great way to enjoy the spectacular views of the entire city from up above.

      Taking a Balloon Ride in Hpa An

      The hot air balloon ride is a popular tourist activity in Myanmar. However, taking the hot air balloons over Hpa An is something new. In fact, this activity is yet to be launched this year. The flying season is expected to start in October of this year and will go on until March of next year. In case you didn’t know, the balloon ride is a seasonal activity, which means it’s not available all year round.

      If you are thinking of visiting Myanmar between the months of October and March, you should include the hot air balloon ride in Hpa An in your itinerary. It’s a truly epic experience, something that you will surely not forget. As the balloon flies into the sky, you’ll be rewarded with the most scenic views of Hpa An, including the Thanlwin River, as well as the surrounding mountains, caves, and pagodas.

      Booking Balloons Over Hpa An

      The balloon ride is expected to become one of the most popular things to do in Hpa An. Hundreds of tourists are expected to book this activity once it starts this October. Since only two companies will be offering these flights, the slots will be limited so it’s highly recommended that you book as early as possible.

      Here are the two companies that will be offering the balloon rides in Hpa An:

      • Oriental Ballooning – Oriental Ballooning is among the leading hot air balloon operators in Myanmar. They have been providing balloon ride services all over the country for many years now. The company is known for its excellent service and all their pilots are professionals and well skilled. In Hpa An, they will start by operating only one hot air balloon and with a basket that can fit up to 8 persons.
      • Balloons Over Bagan – Balloons Over Bagan is another popular company that offers balloon ride services in Myanmar. They are the most established operator of balloon rides in the country and offers classic and premium services. Just like with Oriental Ballooning, they will start by operating only one balloon in Hpa An. The balloon can only accommodate a maximum of 8 passengers so it’s highly recommended that you book in advance.

      Other Things to Do In Hpa An

      Although the hot air balloon ride is expected to become the most popular activity in Hpa An once it starts operating, there are several other things that you can enjoy in this lovely city.

      If you love hiking, then you should hike up the Hpan Pu Mountain. The short hike is truly rewarding especially during sunset when the views up above are incredibly breathtaking. This mountain will also be visible during your balloon ride over Hpa An.

      The Saddan Cave is another place you should explore while in Hpa An. It’s a 500-meter long cave with a height of 30 meters. Inside, you’ll find incredible stalactites formation. When you reach the other end of the cave, there’s a secret lake with a few fishing boats and some locals selling fruits and snacks.

      Finally, don’t forget to visit the Golden Rock, also known as the Kyaut Ka Latt Pagoda. The pagoda sits at the peak of a limestone that dominates the beautiful lake near Mount Zwegabin. This golden pagoda is one of the most significant religious sights in Myanmar and this is one of those sights that you’ll encounter during your hot air balloon ride. Getting to the Golden Rock is a bit challenging, but once you get to the top, your efforts will be rewarded with the most fascinating views.

      Prices vary a little bit depending on your location, normally staying between 250$ and $300 in location as Loikaw, Hpa-An, Inle Lake, Ngapali and Bagan.

      Avoid Skirts and Dresses. If you want a safe and comfortable journey, comfy and practical Shoes are recommended. Try to have a light jacket as mornings tend to be quite chilly in the morning in Hpa-An.

      Pregnant women are forbidden to take the hot air balloon in Hpa-An. If you are pregnant you must inform the balloon company before the ride. No refund is given if not informed accordingly.

      Yes, we know. Sunsets in Hpa An & Myanmar are spectacular. But, for your safety, balloon rides in Hpa An are taking place only in the morning. Don’t worry though, we can watch a great sunset from a multitude of places. And for sunset there are many magnificent places  to watch it in Hpa An

      Sharing is caring feel free to take as many photos & videos as you like and share it with the world. So, yes, you are allowed to take your video camera and can take as well profession cameras with you.

      About MyanMarvels Travel & Tours and Balloon Hpa An Ride

      Using there skill and years of flight experience in Bagan the balloon pilots in Hpa An are able to guide the balloon to a gentle landing where our friendly and experienced crew will be waiting for you with fruits, fresh pastries and a glass or two of sparkling wine to complete the post flight celebration. Most of the pilots are trained in UK & Australia and New Zealand and safety is number one priority for all the balloons companies in Bagan and Myanmar; not a single incident had occurred since the first flight in 2009 operated by the pioneer company of Balloons over Bagan Hot air balloon rides in Hpa-An are great for any event whether it’s on your “Bucket List” or to celebrate an anniversary, birthday, family fun, or vacation adventure.

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      Terms and Conditions

      1. Balloons over Hpa An prices are valid ride from 1st of October 2020 to 10th of April 2021

      2. Name changes only can be made up to 30 days before the balloon flight date without penalty.

      3. Valid only for balloon rides in Hpa An, Myanmar operated by Balloon Over Bagan and Oriental Ballooning

      4. 20$ peak season charge applies for peak season (15th December 2019 to 10th January 2020) for the balloon ride in Hpa-An both with Oriental Ballooning and Balloons over Bagan

      5. 3,5% credit card payment fee not included. Bank charges must be paid by the remittent

      6. Last minute price surge: for bookings made within 3 days ahead of the balloon ride in Bagan a 30$ surge per person shall apply.

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