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Balloons over Loikaw

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Loikaw Hot Air Balloon 2020/2021 – Great Price | MyanMarvels

Oriental Ballooning: Loikaw


Starting from $270

  • Flight type is Premium (Oriental Ballooning) (Sunrise) Tour
  • Tour Duration: 4 hours (from 15th November 2020 to 10th of March 2021: 5:00-8:30 and Flight time is 1 hour on the air (approx.)
  • Balloon capacity is maximum 6 persons
  • Complimentary hotel pickup and return service (Free pick up service from all hotels in Loikaw)
  • Before takeoff coffee, tea and pastries.
  • Comprehensive Briefing by your licenced pilot
  • In-flight photo Post-flight & Champagne
  • At the end of the balloon tour, celebration and the certificate is issued

Balloons over Loikaw

Standard Flight

Starting from $270

  • Flight type is Standard (Balloons over Loikaw) (Sunrise) Tour
  • Tour Duration: 4 hours (from 15th November 2020 to 10th of March 2021: 5:00-8:30 and Flight time is 1 hour on the air (approx.)
  • Balloon capacity is maximum 8 persons
  • Complimentary hotel pickup and return service (Free pick up service from all hotels in Loikaw)
  • Comprehensive Briefing by your licenced pilot
  • In-flight photo Post-flight & Champagne
  • In-flight photo Post-flight & Champagne
  • At the end of the balloon tour, celebration and the certificate is issued

Loikaw Balloon Ride


Loikaw is the capital city of Myanmar’s Kayah State. Due to its remote location, Loikaw is one of the least visited cities in Myanmar, making it a perfect destination for tourists who are looking for off-the-beaten places to explore. Getting to Loikaw will take more than half a day of bus travel coming from Yangon. But once you arrive at your destination, you’ll realize that the journey is truly worth it. Loikaw offers plenty of exciting activities for travelers to enjoy. And if you want your trip to be memorable, you should book a Loikaw balloon ride adventure.

Why Book a Balloon Ride at Loikaw?


Whether it’s your first time to experience a hot air balloon ride or not, taking a balloon ride at Loikaw is highly recommended. Loikaw has plenty of unique attractions and viewing these attractions from above is a truly unique experience. Here are more reasons why you should consider booking a balloon ride adventure in Loikaw.


  • See beautiful views from above –the best part about taking a balloon ride over Loikaw is that you will be treated to scenic views from above. As the balloon soars towards the clouds, you’ll be able to witness golden pagodas in the middle of the hills, beautiful valleys, and mountain ranges surrounded by local farms and villages.


  • Unique and off-the-beaten-track destination – almost all travelers who visited Myanmar may have experienced the balloon ride in Bagan, but only a few have tried the hot air balloon ride in Loikaw. That’s because Loikaw is a remote destination that makes it a truly unique place to visit. Unlike the other tourist destinations in Myanmar, Loikaw is not yet spoiled by tourism. Thus, visiting the place will offer you a truly authentic cultural experience.


  • More time in the air – another great thing about taking the Loikaw balloon ride is that you’ll have more time to appreciate the scenic views of the city from above. Depending on the package that you will book, your trip could take 1 – 2 hours. This will give you enough time to enjoy this one-of-a-kind experience.


  • Cheaper compared to other destinations – the cost of taking a balloon ride in Loikaw is generally cheaper compared to the more famous destinations like Bagan. So if you are traveling on a budget but would like to experience a balloon ride on your trip to Myanmar, you should head to Loikaw.

Balloon Ride Operators in Loikaw


There are currently two companies that offer balloon ride experiences in Loikaw. The ballooning season is from November until March. It’s highly recommended that you book in advance to guarantee slots. Here are the two companies that you can book for your balloon ride in Loikaw.


  • Oriental Ballooning – this company is one of the most popular balloon ride companies in Myanmar. They offer balloon rides in various cities all over the country for many years but their operation in Loikaw will only start this year. Oriental Ballooning will be operating one balloon in Loikaw and this can only accommodate up to 8 passengers.


  • Balloons over Bagan – if you’ve tried booking a balloon ride in other places in Myanmar, then you’re probably familiar with Balloons over Bagan. This company has been in the business for many years and all their pilots are guaranteed professional and well experienced. They have been operating one balloon in Loikaw since last year that can take 8 passengers.


Other Things to Do in Loikaw


Aside from the balloon ride, there are several other activities that you can enjoy on your visit to Loikaw. It’s a great place to learn more about the local culture and the interesting history of Myanmar. Here are some of the things that you should consider doing on your visit to Loikaw.


  • Explore the Demawso Market – the Demawso Market is a great place to visit if you want to have a closer look into the daily life of the local villagers of Loikaw. Here, you’ll learn more about the trading practices of the various ethnic groups and you’ll find locals wearing their colorful local costumes.


  • Visit the Haw Nan Monastery – built during World War I, the Haw Nan Monastery is a great place to visit on your trip to Loikaw. You can climb the stairs that will lead you to the monastery and get a glimpse of old photos and ancient furniture along the way.


  • Head to the village of Pan Pet – Pan Pet is an ethnic Kayan community in Loikaw where you’ll find the ‘long-necked’ Kayan people. You may have come across these long-necked tribes in Thailand but the village of Pan Pet is not as touristy as the ones in Thailand. Here, you’ll be able to enjoy a more authentic cultural experience.



Myanmar is one of the most beautiful countries to explore in Asia. But if you want to experience the local culture of Myanmar away from the busy crowds of tourists, head to Loikaw. The city is less crowded and offers plenty of activities that can make your trip even more enjoyable. If you’re up for some adventure, then take advantage of the opportunity to ride a hot air balloon over Loikaw.

From pick up at your hotel, to returning you there, takes approximately 3 to 4 hours.

The balloon season in Loikaw is from 15th December 2020 to January 31st 2021. We schedule early morning flights every day throughout this period.

Passenger pick-up time varies by location and throughout the flying season but is generally between 5.15am and 5.45am. We will inform you of the exact time when you confirm your flight, which is usually 2 days before your balloon ride in Loikaw, Myanmar.

You should wear layered, comfortable outdoor clothing and sturdy flat shoes. Although it gets hot quickly when the sun rises, it can be quite cold and damp before sunrise, especially in Loikaw in the months of December and January. It is best to wear layers of clothes, which you can take off as the morning warms up

Th flights (Premium Service) cost US$ 270 per person for Loikaw and  US$ 260 per person for the Standard Service with Balloons over Bagan(included 5% commercial tax & governmental taxes)

About MyanMarvels Travel & Tours and Hot Air Balloon over Loikaw Ride

Using there skill and years of flight experience in Bagan & around the world the balloon pilots in Loikaw are able to guide the balloon to a gentle landing where our friendly and experienced crew will be waiting for you with fruits, fresh pastries and a glass or two of sparkling wine to complete the post flight celebration. Most of the pilots are trained in UK & Australia and New Zealand and safety is number one priority for all the balloons companies in Loikaw and Myanmar; not a single incident had occurred since the first flight in 2009 operated by the pioneer company of Balloons over Bagan  & Oriental Ballooning – Hot air balloon rides in Loikaw are great for any event whether it’s on your “Bucket List” or to celebrate an anniversary, birthday, family fun, or vacation adventure.

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  1. Balloons over Ngapali prices are valid ride from 15th of November 2020 to 10th of March 2021
  2. Name changes only can be made up to 24 hours before the balloon flight date without penalty.
  3. Valid only for balloon rides in Loikaw, Myanmar operated by Oriental Ballooning & Balloons over Bagan
  4. 3,5% credit card payment fee not included. Bank charges must be paid by the remittent
  5. Last minute price surge: for bookings made within 3 days ahead of the balloon ride in Bagan a 30$ surge per person shall apply.
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