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      This post was written by Sorin Vlaicu who has been moving to Myanmar since 2014 & blogger and Myanmar travel expert, who blogs on and has a travel agency in Myanmar.   Everyone dreams of moving to South East Asia and to be close to the beach and enjoy a day in a […]

    Nestled in the hilly regions of eastern Myanmar, Kayah State hides behind its sluggish façade, a world of enthralling wonders, enigmas, and intrigues. With ten tribal minorities inhabiting the region including the long neck women , Kayah is the most ethnically diverse state in the country. The diversity weaves a rich tapestry of beliefs, languages, […]

    From the ancient pagodas in Bagan to the floating villages on Inle Lake, there are countless reasons why you should have your family vacations in Myanmar. The country’s off-the-beaten-track reputation makes it a daunting destination for families and the perfect start for your family vacation in Myanmar. But Myanmar is not all rustic, old-town charm.  […]

    From the mystical charm of the Irrawaddy to the touching beauty of the Mekong, river cruises Southeast Asia present a mosaic of striking landscapes, fascinating cultures, and intriguing history. What other tour enables you to explore 1000-year-old temples, discover forgotten tribal villages, or sail into the heart of unspoiled jungles? Your river journey is more […]

    It’s a lesser-known fact amongst travellers, but Myanmar is a family-friendly destination. After all, you can spend quality time with your loved ones by going pagoda-hunting, day tripping around Inle Lake, or exploring Yangon’s countryside and have then a relaxing time in one of our selection of best Myanmar family hotels and friendly for kids […]

    Stay at best hotel pools in Myanmar for a great time and relaxing after a great touring day. Myanmar has beautiful tropical weather all year round. However, a caveat is that it can get pretty humid, especially from March to May. It may be tempting to spend your days dipping in the pool or getting […]

    Magnificent temples, breathtaking landscapes, and the Burmese people – these are some of the mesmerizing images that many tourists remember about Myanmar.  In Myanmar, you don’t have to look far to know that its people are its best treasure.  From teashops to markets to remote villages, you see happy and welcoming faces.  After all, smiling […]

      Of course, choosing the right hotel for your trip to Bagan is just as important. If it’s your first time heading to this charming city, the number of choices can be overwhelming. Good news for you, our team at MyanMarvels have stayed at various hotels in the ancient city and are equipped with all […]

      Formerly known as Burma, Myanmar has quickly established itself as one of Southeast Asia’s essential destinations, despite only opening up to tourism in recent years. Yet, it doesn’t come as a surprise. Myanmar is a dream destination, with golden stupas, ancient ruins, lush jungles and intriguing hill tribes. From the majestic Inle Lake to […]

    The Myanmar Travel Guide for 2020 & 2021  is your free resource before coming to these amazing country which is to be discovered! The pandemic has changed the way we travel. Yet, despite newly implemented travel guidelines, the desire to connect with the rest of the world grows more powerful than ever, and many are […]

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