Luxury River Cruise Myanmar

Luxury River Cruise Myanmar

Mythical and majestic, the rivers of Myanmar are the pillars of the country’s culture, history, and spirituality. Whether you are sailing the mighty Irrawaddy or gliding on the pristine Chindwin, the breathtaking views and the tranquil but unpredictable waters provide a sense of wonder and adventure, as well as moments of introspection and serenity.

The Irrawaddy is Myanmar’s largest river, stretching from its source in the Himalayas in the north down to the Andaman Sea in the south. It ebbs during the dry season, exposing cracked riverbanks, but returns with the coming of the monsoon, flooding scorched fields and replenishing the river with fish. Its surreal and mystic charm has inspired adventurers, intrepid travelers, and poets.

The Chindwin River originates from a network of headstreams in Hukawng Valley, flowing south until it joins with the Irrawaddy near Myingyan. It is the Irrawaddy main tributary; however, unlike the wider river, most of Chindwin’s course lies in mountain ranges and dense forests, making it generally unexplored.

Together the Irrawaddy and Chindwin offer the best river cruise routes in Myanmar. The best time for a cruise on the Irrawaddy is between November and February when the nights are delightfully breezy and the days pleasantly warm. However, if you’re interested in taking the Mandalay to Bagan route, take your trip between September to April, when the water level of the Irrawaddy is ideal for long, smooth cruises.

July to September is the best time to explore the Chindwin, as the monsoon season allows large boats to access the typically shallow river. The length of the trips ranges from three nights to three weeks, with vessels that vary from unpretentious barges to deluxe ships to opulent yachts.

Budget-friendly River Cruises

Are you worried that the Myanmar river cruise price might break the bank?  You can enjoy an unforgettable trip without going over your budget. Established companies like Amata River Cruise and Metta Cruises have affordable excursions with premium accommodations and excellent service.

These companies take ecotourism to the next level, with vessels that ditch energy-consuming air-conditioners for the more environmentally-friendly electric fans. Furthermore, the boats have state-of-the-art treatment plants and efficient wastewater tanks to avoid soiling the rivers.

Metta Cruises have vessels that are solely run on solar power, taking sustainability a notch higher.  If you’re looking for a trip that is not only memorable but also tailor-fit to your interests, check out this cruise company.  Their packages are ideal for families or a small group of friends who want to customize their itinerary and pick which off-the-radar sites to explore.

The Amata River Cruise transports you back in time with its teak and bamboo ships, constructed by local artisans in the traditional Burmese style.  The cabins are well-furnished, complete with shower, mosquito nets over the beds, and sliding windows from where you can marvel at the view.

Mid-Range River Cruise

Myanmar’s moderately-priced river excursions not only take you to exotically lovely destinations but also offer you endless opportunities to experience the country’s rich culture with their typically longer trips.

The Pandaw River Cruise features safari-style, k-class boats that are ideal for outdoor dining and sightseeing. The comfortable cabins are elegantly furnished and equipped with roomy bathrooms.

Onboard, you can enjoy theme dinners, folk dances, and other cultural performances, as well as historical lectures and cooking lessons.

If you prefer a boutique-style cruiser, check out the Paukan River Cruise. The shipbuilders ingeniously combine British colonial elements with traditional Burmese motifs, creating an ambiance of uniqueness and diversity.

Watch the world pass by at the spacious sundeck, lounge at the bar with a cold drink, or pamper yourself with a relaxing massage from an expert resident masseuse.

Luxury River Cruise

With unlimited access to a tapestry of spectacular sceneries and fascinating culture, every river cruise in Myanmar is undoubtedly a rich experience.

But if you want to indulge in ultra-extravagance, opt for a luxury river cruise with renowned companies like Belmond Cruise Myanmar, The Sanctuary Ananda, and The Strand Cruise are considered one of the best river cruises  in Asia.

Not only are the vessels furnished with meticulous care and tasteful lavishness, the service, as well as the amenities, are world-class.  The premier suites and cabins, combined with the exceptional service of the friendly staff, will make you feel like you’re in a 5-star hotel.

Soak in the pool on the upper deck of the Belmond, delight in a sumptuous meal of local and international dishes on the sundeck of the Strand, or admire the vibrant fabrics and intricate lacquerware decorations of the Sanctuary Ananda.

The cruises also include a wellness spa, cooking classes on local cuisine, demonstrations on silk-weaving, tying a longyi, and applying thanaka, the famous Burmese cosmetic. In the evening, let skilled performers captivate you with traditional dances that tell the country’s myths and legends.

Ocean Cruise

For those craving for the ultimate water holiday, exploring the rivers of Myanmar may not be enough.  Venture south into the stunning Mergui Archipelago on a splendid coastal cruise.

Comprised of 800 tropical paradise islands that are untouched and unspoiled by other tourists, the Mergui Archipelago is one of Myanmar’s best-kept secrets.  With Burma Boating, you can explore these jungle-covered islands at your own pace on a deluxe yacht.

Book a cozy cabin in a classic ketch, sail the cerulean waters of the Andaman on a custom-built schooner, or charter a superyacht for a private cruise.  An array of exciting adventures awaits you, from lobster fishing and beachcombing to photography safaris and guided excursions to a Moken tribe village. 

At sundown, you can relax at the deck while sipping the signature cocktail before relishing in a three-course meal prepared by a personal chef.

The answer to this is absolutely yes! Unlike ocean cruises which do have a bigger capacity (thousands of people), river cruises  in Myanmar MUST be booked early or you risk of not finding a place on the cruise.

That’s because of both demand for them and the smaller capacity (less than 30 persons) of a river cruise ship. We do recommend to book your Myanmar cruise up to 6 months to 1 year in advance.

In our opinion, the following companies are the very best luxury river cruise lines in Myanmar: Paukan River Cruise, Belmond Road to Mandalay, Pandaw Cruise, Sanctuary Ananda Luxury River Cruise.

Chindwin River, the largest tributary of the Irrawaddy River takes you up to Nagaland and visit very remote areas of Myanmar. Other locations visited: Monywa, Kalewa, Kindat and Homalin.


The Irrawaddy or, officially, Ayeyarwady River is a river that flows from north to south through Burma. It is the country’s largest river and most important navigable river in Myanmar.
Starting from the Ayeyarwady Delta to Bagan, Mandalay, Katha and up to northern part of Myanmar to reach the city of Bhamo, this is the most popular river for the cruises in Myanmar

Probably the better months for passage of the Irrawaddy River: September to the end of April for better water levels not too high or too low.

Sailing up to Bhamo is possible in the months of August & September.

Probably the better months for passage of the Chindwin River: July to the end of September for better water levels not too high or too low.

River cruising generally is more expensive than ocean cruising. A 2 -day cruise from Bagan to Mandalay cost as little $400 per person. A 7-day river cruise in Myanmar ? Expect to spend $2,500 and up per person.

2 weeks river cruise  for an all-inclusive luxury experience in Myanmar can costs up to 4500$/person depending on the cruise line, river and season.

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