1st January 2021 Updates – Myanmar Travel Updates

As per last notice from notice from the Department of Civil Aviation issued the Yangon International Airport remains closed for foreigner tourist till 31st of January 2021. There are currently a number of relief flights & special flights to / from Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand. Contact the Myanmar Embassy in your country for further details.

15th June 2020 Updates – Myanmar Travel Updates

As per last notice from notice from the Department of Civil Aviation issued on 12 June 2020, the earlier restrictions for all airlines operating international air services to and from Yangon International Airport has been further extended up to 30 June 2020. Below are the updates for Myanmar Travel Updates during Covid-19 for Myanmar.

Currently only domestic Terminal (T1) is operational in Yangon witl daily flights to most of the cities of Myanmar. There are no quarantine areas in Myanmar for local travelers (expats and locals alike)

Myanmar Travel Updates

Myanmar Travel Updates


COVID-19 Cases: 262 confirmed cases. 165 of the patients have already been discharged from hospital with only 6 people deceased as per latest updates from the Health Minister of Myanmar.

Entry Conditions:

  • Temporary Suspension of Visa on arrival and E-Visa Myanmar: The Myanmar Government has temporarily suspended issuance of Visa On Arrival and E-visa for all countries until further notice.
  • On 28 May, The Central Committee on Prevention, Control & Treatment on Covid-19 of Myanmar announced the regulations for foreign nationals traveling to Myanmar to follow if they are granted an entry visa (once applications are available). The conditions, which appear to be aimed mainly at foreign workers, are as follows:
    • Foreigners will have to fulfill a 21-day quarantine – one week home quarantine in their respective country before flying, another one week facility quarantine after arriving in Myanmar and finally one more week of home quarantine in Myanmar, before being cleared to work in the country
    • They will also need to provide evidence they are free from Covid-19 infection (medical certification provided by a doctor or hospital)
    • Proof they have completed the one week home quarantine before flying is also required, however it is unclear what type of proof would be requested
  • All international commercial flight arrivals have been suspended until 30th June 2020.


Land border closure (until further notice)

All land & air borders are closed for all foreigners willing to travel to Myanmar 

Hotel Opening Updates June 2020

Bagan:  less than 10 hotels are operating at this moment. Bagan Heritage Hotel is already accepting guest.

Mandalay: 30 hotels have already applied to reopen and have received the go ahead from the local authorities. 

Ngapali Beach: most of the hotels in Ngapali Beach are closed due to the rainy season. Operation will begin again in September if current situation allows it. 

Hpa An – Few hotels are open and are already accepting guests guest. My Hpa An Residence by Amata is open and it’s running a promotion with 45$/night/room

Inle Lake – most of the hotels on the lake are close and only a few hotels are operating at these moment (Thanakha Inle Lake)

Myanmar Travel Update

Myanmar Travel Update


Balloons Ride Myanmar – Myanmar Travel Update 2020

There are no balloon rides in the low season in Myanmar.  The upcoming balloon season will resume on 15th of October 2020 and most of the balloon companies have already started to sell seats for the upcoming season.

Terms of condition have improved as well from cancelation period limited to 7 days and less amount to be paid in case of client cancel the balloon ride  after the cancelation period.