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Pandaw Cruise Myanmar: The Golden Land Rangoon to Mandalay ( Price & Booking 2021)

The Pandaw experience is all about exploring remote and often hard-to-navigate rivers in specially designed luxury small ships.

Pandaw are pioneers in river cruise expeditions in Burma and still to this day very few, if any, vessels are able to carry passengers on these rivers.

Discover our itinerary and offer for the 7 night Mandalay to Rangoon Cruise.


  starting from 4285$
the-golden-land-upstream pandaw

the-golden-land-upstream pandaw

The Golden Land: Mandalay to Rangoon Cruise: Upstream ( 11 days / 10 nights)




We reach Prome by the afternoon and travel by coach to the 5th-8th century archaeological site of Thiri-ya-kittiya, the former centre of the Pyu civilization with a fascinating museum of early Buddhist artifacts and sculptures.

Prome (Pyay) has been a busy trading town for a long time, and the town itself dates back to an ancient capital called Thayekhittaya. The ruins of this old capital are actually still visible, just a five-mile drive out of modern-day Prome (Pyay).

The town today is known by a few different names, although the most common are Prome and Pyay. Pyay is the name that the locals use, while Prome came about as a result of mispronunciation by the British. Over the years, the use of Prome became so widespread that it is often thought of as the town’s official name.

It’s well worth the short trip to get out to the ruins at Thayekhittaya to see the early town that would later become Prome (Pyay). It’s a fascinating site and also features a very interesting museum where you will be able to see some early Buddhist artifacts and sculptures. You’ll also be able to see some of the current excavations up close.

The Central Market
The town’s market is a bustling place to be and certainly a great location for a spot of people watching. You will also be able to shop for some souvenirs here as well. There will be plenty of stalls and stands selling trinkets and local goods for you to rummage through. If you’re hungry you can sample some of the delicious street food available.

Payagyi Paya
This gorgeous pagoda once marked one of the four corners of the ancient city of Thayekhittaya. Many believe that it dates from the 5th or 6th century. It consists of three floors and the pagoda’s pinnacle is lit up at night.

These are just some of the highlights of visiting Prome (Pyay). When you get off in the town during the stop-off as part of your Pandaw River Cruise, you certainly won’t be bored as there is so much to explore. Even just wandering around the town will be enjoyable as you can soak up the sunshine while taking in the traditional way of life in Myanmar.



This pleasant colonial town once guarded the border between Royal Myanmar and British Myanmar following the 2nd Anglo Myanmar War of 1855. Many of the buildings including the covered market date from this period. Thayet also boasts the oldest golf course in Myanmar (1885). We visit the market, see the colonial houses and ride out by horse cart to the golf course, passing through the former British botanical garden.

Thayetmyo is a small town on the banks of the Irrawaddy River in upper Myanmar. It had a significant armed forces present since the middle of the 1800s and was developed as a colonial town by the British after the second Anglo Burmese War in 1855. The town was still home to a British battalion throughout the First World War and also had a large battalion made up of local army as well.

The oldest golf course in the whole of Myanmar was located in Thayetmyo and this had reciprocal links to Scotland’s famous Royal & Ancient St. Andrews course. These links are under dispute these days, though, as the modern Royal & Ancient St. Andrews course now denies them.

Traditionally, the area had a strong trade in rice, tobacco, cotton, and oilseeds. In the 1960s, the area’s economy was revolutionized when two limestone quarries were established just south of the town. These were used to provide supplies for the local cement factory.

One of the main attractions in Thayetmyo is the large war cemetery that is located just outside of the town. It is the final resting place for thousands of Turkish prisoners of war. The prisoners were originally taken hostage in Iraq and transported by the British forces to labor camps in what was Burma.

Hundreds of them died in these camps from Malaria. For years, the cemetery was left in a state of neglect until the Turkish government stepped in during the 1960s. After trying to set up initiatives for maintenance for the cemetery, permission for the work was finally granted in 2012.

Of course, the extensive war cemetery isn’t the only thing to see during your time in Thayetmyo. In the center of the town is also a bustling market, where you will be able to rummage through trinkets to try to find some souvenirs to take home. The market is also a great place to head if you want to sample some local street food as well.

Lots of visitors to Thayetmyo also enjoy exploring the town’s streets so that they can see all of the traditional colonial architecture and houses. It’s possible to take a horse and cart trip out to the scenic edges of the town and to check out the golf course.

There is plenty to see and do in the town of Thayetmyo, and you will certainly enjoy your time off the ship here. For all travelers who love history and want a glimpse into life in one of Britain’s colonies, then this will certainly be an interesting location for you.



Minhla – We visit the two Italian built forts constructed to keep the British at bay from Royal Myanmar. The fight for the Minhla redoubt was the only serious action in the war and the death of a young subaltern inspired Kipling to write a poem. We ride Trishaws to reach the magnificent Magwe Myat-thalon Pagoda, constructed with solid gold bricks. Of interest are the many nat shrines and hermitages within the temple precincts.


Here we visit the Yout-saun-kyaung monastery with its spectacular wood carvings; we also explore an area of splendid colonial-style houses and continue sailing upstream.



In the morning, moor at the Tan-Chi-Taung mountain and enjoy the view. Continue with one of the highlights of your trip with a tour of a selection of the 3,000 listed monuments at this World Heritage Site, Pagan.




Further exploration by coach of the monuments follow by a lacquerware workshop and visit to the local markets. Sail in the noon to upstream. Evening walk at Oh Ne Kyaung village to see the local life in this typical riverside community.

As well as being able to explore the remains of an ancient city, our expert guides can provide incredible details into everything that you may uncover through Pagan. You may also encounter researchers who are striving to root out more of the mysteries that still remain deeply buried here. Perhaps you could be the one to uncover a secret that has been lost in the sands of time?

We certainly encourage you to take a closer look at the shrines around Pagan. These are monuments to cultural deities, believed to have protected the land from disaster.



This small rural village is specialized in pot making. We visit the Pandaw School, built with past donations from Pandaw passengers.




Guests will take a tour of central Mandalay visiting the Mahamuni Pagoda and Shwe Nan Daw Kyaung teak carved monastery. In the afternoon we visit Sagaing. The true delight of Sagaing lies in its 1000 hermitages and sanctuaries, rich in woodcarving and religious art. Next we explore the ancient capital of Amarapura by coach, take a boat ride along Taungthaman lake and watch the tranquillity and serenity of this beautiful lake and its famous U-Bein Bridge at sunset.

Amarapura has a long history and it can be traced back to 1783, when the city was originally founded by King Bodawpaya and called “The City of Immortals”. It was made the capital of the Konbaung empire until Bodawpaya’s grandson moved power to the city of Ava in 1823. The capital has been moved around numerous times since then and power landed back in Amarapura for a short period from 1841.

Even though Amarapura was used as a capital city for a number of times throughout its history, there is actually little to see of this period of power and grandeur. That’s because the parliament, royal apartments, military barracks, and horse and elephant stables were dismantled and taken to the new capitals. A royal palace did remain, but over the years it was dismantled so its bricks and stones could be used elsewhere.

Nowadays, Amarapura is classed as a suburb of Mandalay and is home to a strong population of craftsmen. You’ll even find that the town is split into different quarters depending on occupations and crafts, such as stone carvers and bronze casters.



We stop at Mingun to see the largest working bell in the world and the unfinished pagoda which is the largest single mass of brick building in the world. We also visit the Mingun Old Peoples Home originally established with the assistance of the Irrawaddy Flotilla Company in the 1930s.

The tale of Mingun begins in 1790 when King Bodawpaya ordered a temple be built that reflected the power and dominance of his rule. If it had been built, the temple would have reached an astounding 150 metres. Even unfinished, the temple remains the largest single mass brick building in the world.

According to researchers, the construction of the tower caused a terrible impact on both the people and the local economy. Due to this, a plan was devised to halt the work. There are two tales that explain why the tower remained unfinished. One theory suggests an astrologer claimed that the completion of the temple would bring the King’s doom while another suggests the ruler was told it would bring the end of Mingun itself!

A smaller model of the unfinished temple can be viewed close by and there is no doubt that it would have been a remarkable piece of architecture. Indeed, even in it’s finished form our travellers can’t help but marvel at its beauty.

In the past, the temple was a key place of worship for locals in the area. Today, there is still a shrine nearby with an image of Buddha, making it a popular place for meditation.

Of course, the unfinished temple isn’t the only attraction that makes Mingun a worthy and exciting stop on our luxury river cruises. You will also be able to discover the heaviest working bell ever created. The bell was cast in 1808 and finished in 1810. There are many secrets behind its creation, including how it was made across the river and carried to the other side using remarkably innovative tools.

Despite an earthquake knocking the bell off its support in 1839, it has been carefully preserved and still works to this day.

A stone’s throw from these attractions clients can also view the great Myatheindan Pagoda. This gorgeous curving piece of architecture stands out due to its beautiful white shade. The building was designed to resemble the mythical Mount Meru and it certainly has an aura of enchantment.

DAY 10


Visit the spectacular potteries near Kyauk-myoung where the famous 50 gallon water pots are handmade. We see all stages of manufacture from the throwing of the pots to the week-long firing in huge kilns. Afternoon cruise back downstream to Mandalay.

We enter the Third Defile and sail upstream all day stopping at Khan-nyat village with its many Buddhist monasteries and an orphanage we support.


DAY 11


Disembark at Mandalay

Cabin Prices


Rangoon – Mandalay

Main Deck TwinUpper Deck Twin
Rate per personSingle Suppl.Rate per personSingle Suppl.
(2 people sharing)(2 people sharing)
10 Nights$4155$4155$4155$4155

Departure Dates Pandaw Cruise 2021 / 2022












Upstream (Rangoon to Mandalay)

Downstream (Mandalay to Rangoon)

*Rates are based per person / on double/twin cabin occupancy, single cabin suppl. apply.

Rates quoted in this agreement are valid from 1st November 2010 to 30th December 2022.



Cruise Price Includes: Transfers to/from ship on DAY 1 and DAY 5 as described. Entrance fees, guide services (English language), gratuities to crew, main meals, local mineral water, jugged coffee, teas & tisanes. Use of quality mountain bikes for independent exploration.

Cruise Price Excludes: International flights, port dues (if levied), laundry, all visa costs, fuel surcharges (see terms and conditions), all beverages except local mineral water, jugged coffee, teas & tisanes and tips to tour guides, local guides, bus drivers, boat operators and cycle drivers.


Each Pandaw River Cruise Customer will receive

  • Welcome cocktail party
  • Signature hors d’oeuvres at cocktails each evening
  • Afternoon tea with cakes or cookies when cruising
  • Celebration cake and champagne on birthdays and anniversaries
  • Cookery demonstrations and classes using local produce
  • All scheduled excursions
  • At least two cultural performances per cruise
  • Tour of the engine rooms, galley and working parts of the ship
  • Film presentations on local culture and history
  • Local mineral water
  • Cold towels on deck all day
  • Jugged coffee, tea and tisanes on deck from sunrise till sunset
  • Crew gratuities are included in your cruise program price

Other Things Not Included

  • Spa service including foot, head and body massages (Mekong only)
  • Personal laundry service
  • All drinks except local mineral water, jugged coffee, teas & tisanes


Meeting point at Sule Shangri La Hotel in Yangon at 06.00am, followed by coach transfer to Prome. Please note that this transfer can take up to 6 hours.

Disembark the ship between 8.00 am – 9.00 am at Saggai Lay Kyun Man Aung Jetty, Mandalay.

Pandaw are delighted to announce the construction of a new fourteen cabin K-class ship for Burma, now renamed Myanmar. These ultra-shallow twin decked K class vessels can go where other ships cannot and are perfect for Pandaw’s style of soft adventure river expeditions.

These much-loved, safari-style vessels offer outdoor or indoor dining, run-round promenades and ample indoor and outdoor living space.

The cabins are slightly smaller than on Pandaw’s larger ships but cleverly designed and very comfortable with roomy bathrooms.



  • 6 upper deck and 8 main deck staterooms
  • Staterooms are 170 square feet (16sqm), finished in teak and brass
  • Panoramic French window
  • Kimonos and slippers
  • Spa-branded amenities
  • Unlimited mineral water
  • Electric mini safe
  • Imported quality linens with duvet and two kind of pillows
  • Premium mattresses
  • Convertible bed configuration
  • Welcome flower arrangement and welcome gift
  • Make-up mirror
  • Multi-configuration plugs
  • Generous closet space and under-bed storage
  • Hair dryer
  • Daily nightly turndown service
  • 24hr laundry service
  • Complimentary evening canapés
  • Yoga mats in all cabins



  • Local masterchef heading an experienced international culinary team
  • Personalized meal services
  • Daily lean & light menu options
  • Complimentary local mineral water, jugged coffee, teas & tisanes
  • Extensive wine list with premium wines
  • Welcome Drink on arrival
  • Welcome cocktail
  • Farewell Reception
  • Theme- and gala dinners
  • Open air lounge and bar
  • Al fresco bistro style dining



  • Admissions
  • Shoe cleaning after excursions
  • Bottled drinking water
  • We give away aluminium water bottles
  • Cold towel service after excursions
  • Refreshing drink following excursions
  • 1st aid trained assistant guide to follow all tours and excursions


RV Kanee Pandaw Deck Plan

RV Kanee Pandaw Deck Plan


Terms and Conditions

  1. 1. Travel Terms & Conditions

    The purchase of any travel services offered by MyanMarvels Travel and Tours, constitutes a contractual arrangement between you (the Traveler) and MyanMarvels Travel and Tours, based in Yangon, Myanmar, and represents your acceptance of the Terms & Conditions. Please ensure that you read carefully and understand the Terms & Conditions prior to booking.

    Important Notes

    • Cruises departures, itineraries and prices are subject to change
    • A non-refundable, non-transferable deposit is required for MyanMarvels Travel and Tours to secure the cabin for you.

    The following charges are not included in the river cruise holiday  price unless otherwise noted: airfare to and from the start of your vacation; domestic flights, unless specified in the itinerary; airline baggage fees including checked and/or excess baggage fees; port fee, unless specified in the itinerary; guide tips, alcoholic drinks unless specified in the cruise itinerary, Myanmar Visa, Vaccinations, Travel Insurance, Laundry, Telephone.


    2. PRICE GUARANTEE Once you have paid in full for your trip, you are safe from any additional charges.


    Cruise Price

    The ‘Myanmar Cruises Price’ is the total amount listed on your itinerary. All Tour Prices are quoted in U.S. Dollars. MyanMarvels Travel and Tours reserves the right to vary Cruise Prices at any time to account for any increase in costs, including but not limited to airfares, fuel, government taxes and charges, exchange rate fluctuations or other tour related costs or tariffs. If payment if received received the full amount of the River Cruise from the customer , there will be no increases to your Cruise price, regardless of any increases in the tour costs inside or outside of our control.

    Incoming Taxes. Sales taxes assessed by Myanmar & Local authorities  as identified on your itinerary are included in the Cruise Price.

    3, Booking/Payment.

    Booking / Deposit. You must pay the deposit listed on the itinerary (the “Deposit”) within 5 days of booking your travel. Your Booking will be automatically canceled if your Deposit is not received by MyanMarvels Travel and Tours on or before the due date. A 20% deposit of your total booking value with Pandaw is required upon confirmation and is non-refundable.

    Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable, except as otherwise expressly stated herein.

    Final Payment. The balance of the Tour Price must be paid no later than 90 days prior to the tour departure date. Failure to pay the balance within 90 days of the tour departure date will result in cancellation of your trip and loss of the Deposit.

    Please note that the remitting party must cover their own bank charges.

    Bookings Within 90 Days. If you place a river cruise booking with MyaMarvels Travel and Tours within 90 days or less of your chosen departure date, full payment of the Tour Price is required before we can request and confirm your booking. If the tour is not able to be fully confirmed, then we will refund all funds paid to us, and MyanMarvels Travel and Tours will have no further obligations or liability to you in respect of your booking.


    • Full name as in your passport
    • Date of birth
    • Full passport details
    • Email address & Phone Number
    • Disabilities
    • Medical conditions
    • Dietary restrictions you make known to river cruise company
    • Emergency contact (non-participant)

    If any additional information is required, it will be requested from you with your reservation.

    4. CANCELLATIONS Terms for Pandaw River Cruise Ships:


    • 90 days and greater Loss of the  Deposit
    • 89-60 days 35% of Cruise Price
    • 59-30 days 50% of Cruise Price
    • Less than 30 days 100% of Cruise Price


    5. Cruise Variation, Cancellation or Delay.

    Itinerary Variations. While MyanMarvels  Travel and Tours & its local cruise partners will make reasonable efforts to operate the tour in accordance with your itinerary, changes or substitutions may be necessary for reasons outside Cruise company control or other Force Majeure Events.

    On tours that include cruises, the ship may be changed due to operational reasons. For departures in early and late season operated in cool weather conditions, itinerary variations may occur and certain activities may not be available due to seasonality or weather conditions. Availability of certain activities may also be limited due to itinerary variations.

    Minimum Required Bookings. Your booking is conditional on Pandaw River Cruise Myanmar receiving a minimum number of bookings to operate the tour and ensure an enjoyable group atmosphere.

    For cruise departures where occupancy is less than 5 cabins the company reserve the right to cancel the departure giving all passengers with confirmed bookings 30 days prior notice of this intention. An alternative departure date will be offered subject to availability. If this alternative date is not acceptable to the passenger any down payments made for the cancelled cruise will be refunded. In the event that a passenger has cancelled and paid cancellation fees and the Company subsequently cancel that departure then any cancellation fees (and down payment) will be refunded in full on the request of the passenger. The company reserves the right to change a cabin allocated without notice and in the event that a passenger is downgraded to a cheaper cabin then the difference in cost between the cabins will be refunded to the passenger or the passenger’s agents.

    MyanMarvels Travel and Tours  will endeavor to notify you of any changes to your tour itinerary in the following  manner: (a) if prior to  your tour departure, we will notify you by telephone, email or mail; and (b) if during your tour, personally by your Cruise Director.

    6. Force Majeure. For the purposes of these terms and conditions, a ‘Force Majeure Event’ means any act of God; war; terrorism; fire; flood or any other extreme weather condition; loss of power; epidemics or pandemics; industrial disputes, slow-downs or other strike activities; riots or civil disturbances; acts of government, semi-government or other authorities; inability to obtain any necessary license or consent; delays caused by subcontractors, suppliers or other third parties (including telecommunications carriers); material shortages; or other any other disruption, delay, damage or loss resulting from any action, omission or event outside the reasonable control of Pandaw River Cruise.

    You hereby acknowledge and agree that Pandaw River Cruise is not liable for any delay or any failure by Pandaw River Cruise to perform its obligations under these Terms and Conditions resulting from or as a consequence of a Force Majeure Event. lf a delay or failure occurs or is anticipated due to Force Majeure Event, Pandaw River Cruise obligations are suspended for the duration of the Force Majeure Event. If the Force Majeure Event delays performance for a period of 7 days or more, calculated from the date MyanMarvels notifies you of the Force Majeure Event, then MyanMarvels may terminate this agreement and, in such event, you will be issued a future travel credit equal to the amount You paid to MyanMarvels hereunder, less any non-refundable third-party costs. Please note that you are limited to the future travel credit and will not be entitled to a cash refund.

    In these circumstances, Pandaw will offer all affected bookings an alternative departure date and itinerary. If no suitable alternative can be offered, a credit for future cruise will be provided for the guests to make a new booking at a later date. In the event of a cruise being cancelled as a result of the above force majeure situations following the commencement of that cruise period then Pandaw is under no obligation to provide any such offer.


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