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    Nestled in the hilly regions of eastern Myanmar, Kayah State hides behind its sluggish façade, a world of enthralling wonders, enigmas, and intrigues. With ten tribal minorities inhabiting the region including the long neck women , Kayah is the most ethnically diverse state in the country. The diversity weaves a rich tapestry of beliefs, languages, […]

    From the ancient pagodas in Bagan to the floating villages on Inle Lake, there are countless reasons why you should have your family vacations in Myanmar. The country’s off-the-beaten-track reputation makes it a daunting destination for families and the perfect start for your family vacation in Myanmar. But Myanmar is not all rustic, old-town charm.  […]

    Magnificent temples, breathtaking landscapes, and the Burmese people – these are some of the mesmerizing images that many tourists remember about Myanmar.  In Myanmar, you don’t have to look far to know that its people are its best treasure.  From teashops to markets to remote villages, you see happy and welcoming faces.  After all, smiling […]

    What are the traditions of Myanmar?   Are you considering a future trip to the country of Myanmar but want more information before deciding to commit to airline tickets? A trip to this area can be the trip of a lifetime if you properly research the arts & Myanmar culture and tradition and traditions of […]

    Understanding women in Myanmar is an essential step in understanding Burmese society as a whole. However, I decided to dedicate a special article on this topic mainly because there is a misconceived perception in this respect. This false perception is influenced partly by the image of women in neighboring Thailand and partly by projecting a […]

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