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    Nestled in the hilly regions of eastern Myanmar, Kayah State hides behind its sluggish façade, a world of enthralling wonders, enigmas, and intrigues. With ten tribal minorities inhabiting the region including the long neck women , Kayah is the most ethnically diverse state in the country. The diversity weaves a rich tapestry of beliefs, languages, […]

    From the ancient pagodas in Bagan to the floating villages on Inle Lake, there are countless reasons why you should have your family vacations in Myanmar. The country’s off-the-beaten-track reputation makes it a daunting destination for families and the perfect start for your family vacation in Myanmar. But Myanmar is not all rustic, old-town charm.  […]

    Stay at best hotel pools in Myanmar for a great time and relaxing after a great touring day. Myanmar has beautiful tropical weather all year round. However, a caveat is that it can get pretty humid, especially from March to May. It may be tempting to spend your days dipping in the pool or getting […]

      Myanmar has some of the most fascinating and unique markets in Asia. Imagine the assortment of hues, scents, and sights – vibrant fabrics, sweet-smelling spices, and vivacious vendors sitting under bright umbrellas. The markets are refreshingly diverse, offering almost everything one can think of, from ripe and lush tropical fruits to intricate handicrafts showcasing […]

    Myanmar Instagram Spots A visit to Myanmar must include most of the sites below, located in Yangon, Bagan, Inle Lake, Mandalay and Ngapali. Below are our selection of Myanmar Instagram Spots!  #1 Secretariat Yangon: Myanmar instagrammable Spots The Secretariat building is a new rookie on the stage of the Instagrammable spots in Myanmar and Yangon. […]

    El Bagan viaje en Globo Aerostatico Bagan es la actividad más popular en Bagan, Myanmar. Primera imagen cuando busque en Google con la palabra Bagan es una imagen con los globos sobre Bagan. Y el viaje en globo es cada vez más popular entre los turistas que viajen a Myanmar y luego la partida durante […]

    After Bagan, Inle Lake is second most traveled destination in Myanmar. Located in Shan State, the small town of Ngweshe is the gate to the second biggest lake in South East Asia and home to the Intha people who live on the lake. Balloons Over Bagan is one of the most popular activity in Myanmar […]

      Oriental Ballooning is one of the 4 companies along STT Ballooning,  Golden Eagle and Balloons over Bagan who operate the balloon rides in Bagan. 4 different companies should mean 4 different services types. There is not that much difference between all there and we will compare them into a next post. Oriental Ballooning Bagan […]

    Bagan Hot Air balloon season 2022/2023 will begin on  October 1st 2022 and will finish on 10th of April 2023. Bagan hot air balloon rides last 45 minutes to an hour (wind depending)  and only sunrise.  There are no balloon rides in Bagan during the sunset due to the afternoon heat, wind direction and the […]

    Traveling with children in Myanmar implies a lot of energy spend. Both on the ground and online. Going into an unknown territory and climate can be tricky without proper knowledge and resources. Finding useful information about Myanmar it’s not a easy task. Opened fully to the tourism in 2011 (throw there are areas still restricted) […]

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